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Roman Consulting offers extensive experience in Government Relations, Operations, Global Corporate Citizenship, and Global and Domestic Business Development and Strategy. Results have been proven through experience in some of the top companies in the world.
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Experienced. Service. Consulting.

Delivering Strength Through Experience

Strategy, Sales, & Marketing

We work with clients to develop and implement campaign-based winning strategies. Our approach takes into consideration the customer's environment, culture, market conditions, and competitive landscape. This process validates your message to key decision makers, influencers, and evaluators in the campaign. We develop a ``Keep it Sold`` element that complements the campaign strategy while maintaining a direct customer outreach strategy following the sale.

LEAN, Quality, & Performance Improvement

A well-defined LEAN program relies on the primary components of quality, performance improvement, and employee engagement to increase value to your customer by minimizing waste in various processes and operations. Many assume that LEAN is best kept on the factory floor. We have real world experience in creating LEAN-based solutions in the office, utilizing people, processes, and tools as the foundation for success.

Government Relations

We bring our clients an integrated approach to interacting with government at all levels. This approach includes developing advocates at the grassroots level, as well as direct interaction with elected officials and staff. This methodology lays the foundation for achieving clients' legislative, public policy, and regulatory goals.

Global Corporate Citizenship

Companies are finding that it is critical today to engage in the communities in which their employees live and work. Global Corporate Citizenship is a growing concept many firms are adopting as a core foundation of their business practices. We assist our clients in developing and implementing a solid program that addresses critical issues in their communities by building an approach that identifies need, develops an investment strategy, and puts in place specific metrics that gauge the success of their community investments, while benchmarking for future investments.